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SenGenuity has developed unique wireless temperature sensing capabilities for culinary applications. Food temperature probes are increasingly being used at home, in restaurants and the larger professional food industry to ensure food safety and to refine food preparation. However, wired food temperature probes pose a variety of limitations to the manufacturers and users of food equipment.

SenGenuity's passive and wireless food temperature probes address all of these disadvantages. By eliminating wires, wireless food probes can be used by manufacturers of food equipment to provide temperature measurement capabilities on rotisserie ovens. Wireless food probes eliminate warranty costs associated with cable breakage and damage. Further, they reduce the manufacturing complexity required to accommodate wired food probes within oven cavities. The passive and wireless food probe system offered by SenGenuity consists of three primary components: wireless food probe, reader and reader antenna.

The wireless food probe consists of a Surface Acoustic Wave temperature sensor, located close to the tip of the probe. This sensor does not need any batteries or power supply. It is completely passive and derives power from the wireless reader that communicates with it. This makes it very easy to maintain and safe for use in food applications.

The reader device powers the sensor within the temperature probe by sending out electromagnetic energy and then waiting for a response signal back from the sensor. The Antenna required for the communication between reader and food probe is mounted within the oven cavity.

SenGenuity has the capability of developing food probe systems for residential ovens, commercial ovens and specialized food processing equipment. For OEMs interested in evaluating the technology, SenGenuity is now offering prototype wireless food probe systems which can be used to establish proof of concept and pave the way for a more full fledged solution. We invite OEMs to explore how they can exploit this new and unique technology to differentiate themselves in the market.

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SenGenuity has the ability to develop solutions for unique requirements in the power generation area.If you have an application that needs passive, wireless temperature measurement please contact SenGenuity at sensors@sengenuity.com or call +49 7268 801 100.We welcome the opportunity to speak to you about your unique requirements.