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This a banner image displaying a large industrial size engine where the SenGenuity viscosity mesurement system would provide a simple solution to lubricant viscosity monitoring to ensure longer life of the asset.
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Lubricant Monitoring

Lubricant Monitoring
Photo of Wind Turbine farm There exists a critical need in the mobile and fixed asset markets to empower field units to determine oil viscosity on demand. Conventional laboratory viscometer measurement is difficult to integrate into the control and monitoring environment. Unfortunately, many have to rely on decisions based on intermittent "snapshot" data acquired from periodic sampling and oil analysis.

The ViSmart® VS–2xxx viscosity sensors have the ability to measure lubricant viscosity in–situ and are ideally suited for applications that require continuous monitoring of lubricant viscosity. These sensors have been extensively deployed on a variety of fixed and mobile assets.

Integrated into your system the ViSmart® Sensor System will help to give:
  • Continuous and instantaneous oil viscosity feedback
  • Trending of lubricant viscosity leading to the capability to prognosticate and prevent failure
  • Onboard knowledge of lubricant condition
  • Indication of change in viscosity due to contamination (e.g. water, oil, fuel or solvents), aging, oxidation, thermal decomposition, reduction of VI improver additives or shear
For more information about the implications of viscosity measurements in lubricant markets you may want to read "Viscosity – Value of Interest"


The ViSmart VS-2600 series is ideally suited for application in:

Power Generation Equipment in Power Plants, Diesel Generators, Wind Turbines and Oil Filtration System as well as in Marine Applications like Marine Propulsion Engines and Generators. Furthermore, On & Off Road Vehicles like Long Haul Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Buses, Trains, Agricultural and Construction Equipment may be equipped.

Special Applications

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