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Viscosity Sensors

The SenGenuity ViSmart® VS–2610 series viscosity sensor has the capability of tracking fluid viscosity and temperature in a wide range of fluids including inks, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and fuels. The sensor comes with a standard ½ inch NPT process thread interface and has quick connect features that allow for easy installation and removal. Used in conjunction with any of the VisConnect® Converter modules, the sensor provides viscosity and temperature measurements in a variety of output interfaces including CANopen, RS–232, RS–485, and 4–20mA.

ink be mixed prior to use, measuring the viscosity at this stage with one of SenGenuity's Viscosity solution would be beneficial to create a consistant ink viscosity
ViSmart® VS–2600 Series Viscosity Sensor
Photo of the SenGenuity Viscosity Bolt Sensor The ViSmart® viscosity sensor platform is the result of Vectron's ability to take more than decade's worth of research and development and turn it into a practical viscosity sensing solution. The sensor is solid state with no moving parts and is based on the integration of electronics, packaging, and Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) technology. The surface of the sensor is also treated with diamond like carbon to make it scratch and chemically resistant. The sensor is ideally suited for the measurement of a variety of fluids including inks, paints, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and fuels.

ViSmart® Sensor Datasheet: Installation and Operating Instructions: Viscosity Sensor Demonstration Kits: Accessories for ViSmart® Sensor:
Image of an open gearbox where the SenGenuity Viscosity solutions can be used for critical measurements
VisConnect® VC-20xx Converter Series
the SenGenuity VisConnect CANopen Converter product The SenGenuity VisConnect® VC–20xx series of Converters are DIN rail mountable devices which provide viscosity and temperature readings from the SenGenuity ViSmart® VS–2600 series of viscosity sensors.

The series of Converters include:
  • VC–2010 CANopen Converter
  • VC–2020 ASCII over RS485 Converter
  • VC–2030 MODBUS RTU over RS485 Converter
  • VC–2040 ASCII over RS232 Converter
  • VC–2050 4–20mA Converter
Both the VC–2010 CANopen and VC–2030 MODBUS RTU Converters have been third–party tested and verified to protocol standards, while the VC–2020 and VC–2040 Converters utilize an easily implementable ASCII bus–friendly command set. The series of Converters also provide critical Converter and Sensor status information along with the viscosity (AV) and temperature (°C) measurements.

The DIN rail mountable Converters have easily accessible screw terminals for process interface connections and Sensor connections. The Converters can also be connected to optional DIN rail TBUS connectors which minimize system wiring and decrease installation time. The DIP switches, available on the top of the Converters, minimize system setup by allowing fast bus configuration. Settings for bus bit rate, node ID, and bus termination are all available. The narrow housing (22.5mm) allows Converters to be installed adjacent to one another thus reducing cabinet space requirements. Due to their wide input voltage range the Converters can be used with most industrial power supplies, especially those which target the industrial standard level of +24VDC.

Datasheets and Supporting Information:
Image of a gear with oil where a viscosity measurement solution could be used
Viscosity Measurement Configurations
The configuration guide will help you determine the right system solution for your application.

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Viscosity Measurement Configuration product selection guide, enabling visitors to see what configuration of Viscosity products best suites their requirements